As a purveyor of the macabre imagination, I seek to extend experience to be untethered beyond the ordinary limitations imposed by the English language.  My purpose is to utilize emotion as the alchemical fuel for the transformation of human consciousness and to create an experience outside of time using time.  Having wandered the countryside in search for the ultimate decimation of ordinary perception into a state of transcendence, it is my intention to see music as a reflection of raw experience.  

     I also believe that humans must rely upon music as a species in order to evolve into a higher order of intelligence.  It is my aim to make the boundary between consciousness and subconsciousness unclear and invite the listener into a primordial state of awareness behind the veil of tangible discernment.  Despite my introverted, timid demeanor offstage, performing onstage becomes a natural language where I combine elements of folk, rock n’ roll, jazz, blues, classical, and psychedelia.  

     With components of  melodic refinement as well as the ruggedness of sleeping on a street, my debut singles, "Hymn of a Dying Breed" and "Roman Reign", could be described as having sex in a dumpster.